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Sports cooperation of Puławy and Stendal

data aktualizacji: ponad rok temu 3.02.2016, odsłon: 1214, ~Ewelina Borawska

Lasting for many years sports cooperation of the School Sports Club *Olympic* is based on annual meetings of sportsmen from both cities: every year in October German sportsmen come to Puławy and each year in May Polish sportsmen from Puławy go to Germany.
The common aims set by the partners leading to continuation and development of friendly cooperation were accomplished? By participation in sports activities, competitions and friendship tournaments as well as by the participation in a cultural and bonding programme. Common realisation of the programme of the meeting enabled integration of Polish and German sportsmen, breaking intercultural boundaries, closer recognition/knowing of each other and making friendly relations. Close contacts and time spent together favoured improvement of communication abilities and practicing and developing language skills. Friendly and pleasant ambient of our meeting which was created by the participants favoured open and direct contacts and resulted in exchange of many sports and cultural experiences.


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