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Visit of German sportsmen in Puławy

data aktualizacji: ponad rok temu 3.02.2016, odsłon: 1534, ~Ewelina Borawska

From 18th to 22nd of October 41 young sportsmen from Stendal were welcomed in Puławy. For the eleventh time the School Sports Club *Olympic* (Public Gymnasium No.1) organised a stay of German delegation in Puławy.
In the scope of the meeting the friendly sports cooperation in athletics, hand ball and table tennis between our sportsmen and the German sportsmen from the club Stendaler LV*92, Post SV Stendal and ESV lok Stendal was continued. During the stay of German sportsmen in Puławy matches of friendship in hand ball, the fourth common athletics tournaments and the third friendship tournament in table tennis were organised. The German guests started their stay in Puławy with a short welcoming meeting in which participated organisers of cooperation and representatives of activists, couches and competitors representing gymnasiums and sports clubs of Puławy.

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